Woof! My name is Kiera

Woof! My name is Kiera and I have been coming to Doggie Daycare since 2010. Now my adopted brother Cody comes too. We both have so much fun and always come home hungry and sleepy after a busy day of going for walks and meeting up with friends.

I know it makes our owners happy to know that we are both having such a great time when they are unable to look after us. I secretly think that they like having a day off, the poor things, they just don’t have the stamina they used too!

They asked me to mention that they are very grateful to Joanna for always trying to squeeze us in despite the sometimes very short notice she gets from our owners due to their annoying shift work! And also for never once having having let them down, whatever the weather!

Cody and I wish we could come more often but we have to stay at boring old home on the days that our owners aren’t working!

Maybe Cody and I can persuade them to get second jobs!
See you soon Doggie Daycare, looking forward to it!

Wags and Licks,
Kiera (and Cody too I suppose)!