Doggie Daycare

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Monday – Friday Daycare

Your doggie will be collected in the morning and taken on a fantastic, physically challenging walk in our fully enclosed (by a deer fence) doggie park.

We have exclusive use of this land and as it’s fully enclosed, we don’t meet any other doggies, horses, runners or traffic, making it the perfect place to run free and relax without the usual issues when out walking in public.

This is the perfect opportunity for your doggie to really stretch his legs and find fun doggie pals to race around with!

Lasting friendships are developed and nurtured during this important time, socialising with other lovely doggies is very important.

To ensure you don’t go home to a dirty doggie (or home), we clean all the muddy doggies in our care. We use specialist doggie shampoo, they’re washed using our thermostatically controlled shower and towel dried after their wet walk.

A true home-from-home experience, your doggie can relax in our specially designed doggie garden, with a fun selection of doggie toys to play with (if your doggie has everlasting energy!).

Or your doggie may choose to rest and relax in our doggie friendly home, snoozing on a comfy doggie bed or just warming up on our under-floor heating.

Whether resting or playing, the choice is with your doggie.

We then return your well exercised, tired out doggie to your home in the afternoon, ready for a well earned dog-nap.

Monday – Friday Daycare is £30.00 per day.

Your doggie must be registered to use our services.
Please read our Terms & Conditions to ensure your dog is suitable.

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