Puppy Love

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Puppy Love is for your Precious Puppy.

Your puppy is welcome to spend the day with us where she will be able to play, socialise and develop good doggie skills & manners.

She’ll be collected in the morning and returned home in the afternoon. She can be fed and will be supervised to ensure she keeps out of mischief!

Depending on the breed and energy level of your puppy, they may not be taken out walking with the older dogs until their joints and bones are mature enough to cope.

They’ll get all the exercise they need while playing with the other dogs and the dog toys.

Puppies from 8 weeks are welcome.

Included is our Doggie Taxi which covers most areas of East Lothian.

Puppy Love is £35.00 Monday – Friday.

Your doggie must be registered to use our services.
Please read our Terms & Conditions to ensure your dog is suitable.

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